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Child falls from Window

Blog by Paul Thomas, REALTOR | May 4th, 2017

Child Injured in fall from Window

I read this story with sadness.  My heart goes out to the family.


This issue of children falling out of windows needs more education, and then for people to be pro-active and fix the issues. If you have a window where there is a potential for someone to fall more than five or six feet then there should be safety devices installed to the window (they can be as simple as slide stops) to prevent little ones for falling out. Remember fly screens do not count!

Much like we check the batteries in our smoke/fire detectors periodically; I would encourage everyone to evaluate their properties to ensure that this can’t happen to them.  Perhaps you don’t even have kids, but the neighbours come over with theirs, or the grandkids come over.... you get the idea.

Spring is an especially important time to be aware of this as we are opening up after another winter.