Tsuut'ina Trail

July 27th, 2017

Calgary’s SW Ring road has a new name!  It will be Tsuut’ina Trail

Check out the really cool Youtube
Here for a "fly through" of the project.

This next phase of the Ring Road around Calgary will be completed in fall of 2021 (if things stay to schedule). It will consist of 22km of roadway and 14 interchanges. This project is being built by Mountain View Partners, a consortium of three major ...

Trouble finding the Perfect House?

July 17th, 2017


No Homes for Sale in the Area You Like? Here’s What to Do...


Imagine there’s a neighbourhood you’d love to live in someday, but, every time you drive through, you rarely, if ever, see a For Sale sign. It’s as if homes get gobbled up by buyers the moment they get listed.


It’s true, properties do tend to sell quickly in desirable, in-demand neighbourhoods. Does that mean you’re destin ...