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Condominium Builders in Alberta

Blog by Paul Thomas, REALTOR | October 13th, 2017

Alberta Condominium Builders will face new rules in the 2018.

This is a great first step.  I think that the “deliver on the date promised” is good, however it perhaps does not factor in the possibility of changing economic conditions and under certain conditions makes it harder to predict the bottom line for builders. The part that is really good is the elimination of the “bait and switch” tactics of low condominium fees that some builders were doing in the past. This was especially true in the condominium conversion market. Here is the link to Service Alberta information sheet.


I would like to see a strengthening of the builder’s responsibility for shoddy workmanship. The building code needs strengthening so that the materials used in construction will last a reasonable amount of time. Perhaps we need an independent inspector present and overseeing the construction. Yes, this would increase costs up front, but in the long run costs would be lower because the buildings would be designed to last!